jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Electra's Congratulations

" I am accustoming myself to the idea of regarding every sexual act as a process in which four people are involved. We shall have a lot to discuss about that."
S.FREUD: Letters

"There are two positions available to us--either crime which renders us happy, or the noose, which prevents us from being unhappy. I ask whether there can be any hesitation, lovely Thérèse, and where will your little mind find an argument able to combat that one?"

D.A.F DE SADE: Les Malheurs de la vertu.

I watched it, opalescent dark image inkily
layered out, glistening on the bus window
And though I knew I was there, crisscrossed
by rails, seats and stop buttons
polished mussel shells,
no recognition came

And just above the plastic arm rest read
Christ, as just another dent stretching
seen on the line encrusted ruler of lead
Not so far from the 22nd mark
I seemed and seamed
myself, allocated to.

I heard then the devilish laughter
Freud at the front row raising his
wine glass in mocking red salute
Electra's' eyes brimmed full
of satisfied ruby contempt

she may be cursed but
in this, dammit,
she is not




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