sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

In retentis

"Fortunately it's unhealthy to insist on living in the past, but you can't be very proud of yourself when you realize you've more or less disowned it. That's why they invented that dreadful compromise: Commemoration. Yesterday blood, today red wine salted with tears. Many people find release that way. To others, it must seem horrible."

Simone de Beauvoir - The Mandarins


Tornetrask, Swedish Lapland.


 " I don't suppose you'll ever forgive me
for being so silent
the silence, this silence, belongs to you
semi quavers of doubt
laughter drifts into the mist
this silence is beyond
both the silence you voice says nothing"

(Desmond Donnellan - Scribblings)



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