viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

Button up those bones

"They made love through the hole in the wall. The three lovers pressed against one another, but never fully touched. The Kolker kissed the wall, and Brod kissed the wall, but the selfish wall never kissed either back. The Kolker pressed his palms against the wall, and Brod, who turned her back to the wall to accommodate love, pressed the backs of her thighs against the wall, but the wall remained indifferent, never acknowledging what they were trying so hard to do." 
FOER, JONATHAN SAFRAN - Everything Is Illuminated

Pen on paper

All simmering away, our boiled shreds dance to the broths bubbling. 
Somewhere, the vapor is lifting in threads from the skeleton's frozen hair.
Clinking of fossils, chiseled embeds of the things we never said. 


Let My Key Be C (Thriller Edit) by Fluid Radio

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